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Superhero of the Day - Night Witch

Helena starpattern is the last of the nachthexen-night witches.

She flys the sky above lower east side in manhattan that was known as "little germany". her lineage was decimated by the sinking of the steamer, general slocum. her grandmother died in the disaster, but used her last moon energy to float her mother away from the burning ship. She uses a vintage broom just for the image, not for flying, because she is drawn to the sky when the moon rises. This power came from her mother attending an oak moon ritual while pregnant with helena. her mother's wish during the ritual was that all her worries be lifted. The spell worked so well that helena is quietly lifted to float above the city by the attraction of the moon. She has a stunning touch and blinding smoke that terrifies the local thugs that call her the "bruja de la noche". she has brief liaisons with the flying mighty manhattan, air wing, and makes a point of expressing her disdain for his jetpack contraption. she once shut off his rockets to teach him to have some respect when visiting the lower east side. She was called upon in the battle with the radioactive assassin, dead earth, and with the help of the atomicas, defeats the plan to take america hostage.

#comics #marvel #stanlee #superhero #superheroATOMICAS #superheromarvel #supervillain #writing

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