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Superhero of the Day - The Legitimates

I wanted to start the first post with a twist on the plan to write a superhero each day by introducing a sister/brother team.

They are grade school age from a Quaker family

and are known as the "Legitimates". Still working on the origin of the superhero nickname.

They are fraternal twins that have an overdeveloped super polarity. The boy has a negative charge and the girl, of course, is positive.

By standing on opposite sides of a criminal, they create a force field that increase the subject's magnetic attraction to the big ball we call Earth. They work together to capture those that are in the child trafficking business. They roam the chat rooms and the girl uses the logon name, "2003daddycandy", and it doesn't take long for a kidnapper to rise to the bait.

They meet the perp, bind him magnetically in place, call 911, and while waiting for the police, they call the local news and put the criminal on the 5 o'clock news.

They had a run in with two of the ATOMICAS, CONDUIT and OVERLOAD, when the New York superheroes came to their town to investigate the assault cases happening to single mothers while they were out jogging. The ATOMICAS had worked with the Mighty Manhattans and discovered that the victims were selected based on chat room conversations with the victim's daughters. CONDUIT and OVERLOAD were investigating an area frequented by joggers when they were approached by the twins. The Legitimates challenged them as to what they were doing lurking by the jogging path. OVERLOAD, in fine New Jersey fashion, told them to mind their own business. But when the ATOMICAS tried to walk, they found they were solidly attached to the ground. CONDUIT asked OVERLOAD for a little assistance. OVERLOAD charged up and sent voltage through her fellow ATOMICA. CONDUIT channeled the electric charge and gathered the gravity energy with it and sent the force back to the Legitimates. "Not so funny, is it, when you get a taste of your own medicine."

The twins turned their faces away from each other and broke the polarity. They knew they were dealing with superheroes and were very happy to discover they had met a couple of the famous ATOMICAS...and apologized for being so rude to visitors to town.

#comics #marvel #stanlee #superhero #superheroATOMICAS #superheromarvel #supervillain #writing

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