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Sounds easy enough, right? I mean, just look at the MArvel or DC encyclopedias (I have one signed by the great stan lee). Lots of room for 365 new good and bad guys and girls. It went smoothly until about February, first of march. But fortunately, I thought of a group, the planet people, and i started to get ideas again. I added three of them to the sequel to "girl wanted: apply in person". And I branched out my super mind and made "smoke", "granite" and "teak", three sister botanists that took on the characteristics of these materials during a cyclotron experiment that went wrong. They were on the path to developing a tree that wouldn't burn. bam - instant superhero girls. and they are canadian. i know the whole "nature" thing and canada might be a bit stereotypical, but, according to comic conventional wisdom, this is acceptable. read the sequel, you will see the logic. i hope.

so i will try, until my last superhero loving brain cell shifts to another dimension, to post the characters and maybe the artwork on here every day.

and please, please send your character ideas and you have a good chance to have them featured on here and if i add them to the superhero stories, i will put you in the acknowledgements page in the book.

good, i just heard the gears start and saw sparks fly in your superhero generation lobes.

tomorrow...we stan lee...excelsior!

#superheroATOMICAS #comics #supervillain #writing #marvel #stanlee #superhero #superheromarvel

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