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Every Superhero Writer should meet Stan least once.

Meeting Stan Lee

February 13, 2017


DW Hill

Nothing will ever match that day. Standing at DragonCon early in the morning and Kris says, I saw someone you might want to see. Standing there, waiting to go into breakfast was the guy that has been writing the comics that I have been reading all my life (and I started reading at an early age). Just like every picture I ever saw of him, it was Stan Lee. I walked as far as his bodyguard. Man was big as a linebacker and gives me the crossing guard stop sign with his hand. I know that I am here at this spot in the universe at 8:00 AM for this reason. So I negotiate, :Can I say 5 words to Stan Lee?"

Stan Lee hears me, looks over, and with that smile calls me over. I already knew what I wanted to say, "Stan Lee, Thank you for Daredevil He has been my favorite since I was little." More than 5 words, but hey, I was there.

Stan Lee gives that great smile and shakes my hand and says, "You are a great man, You made my day."

I will never forget that moment. I saw him twice more after that, once at a panel discussion and then for a book signing. But that impromptu meeting was a gift from God. I know that for sure.

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