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The ATOMICAS Series places superhero girls and boys and veterans in real life challenges. Do you really think a superhero can just take off and fly around the skyline of New York or Chicago without filing a flight plan. Or throw fireballs here there and yonder and not get a fine for violating the no burning regulations. And with the world's many laws, these great and brave superheroes have to fight the super bad guys...and win! But if it was easy then everyone would be a SUPERHERO! Read the ATOMICAS Series and see your favorites do good in a real world...and win!

Girl Wanted: Apply in Person


The super hero group, the mighty manhattans, is incorporated by New York City and as such are subject to the incomprehensible and mind-boggling array of Fair Employment laws. The group has been issued a Cease and Desist Order based on the unequal gender ratio, abuse of the elderly workforce, and failing to pay overtime. This would be because Triton’s Daughter is the only woman, she is over 100 years old and is regularly placed in life-threatening jobs, and gets no compensation.

To remedy this and to get back in the business of guarding the most populated city in America, the Mighty Manhattans put out a nationwide call for young superhuman girls to join the ranks. One rejection after another...after another. The applicant's powers are just not M/M worthy.

This comes at a time when the biggest and maddest plan to take over the world is being set in motion by Dr. Fahrenheit with an assemblage of the most dangerous super criminals to ever converge on the Diamond District. Step one to the plan is to take out the Mighty Manhattans. Of course the plan is diabolical. And Dr. Fahrenheit doesn’t even know they are barred from exercising any extra-human abilities or utilizing any super sanctioned armor, machines, or devices. It was like throwing kittens in a burlap bag. Except for one. Triton’s Daughter.

The dozen or so hopeful applicants band together for a tour of the Diamond District, Hell’s Kitchen and the sights and shops on the Hudson River docks. A female Mexican wrestler known professionally as La Porcelana leads the girls right into the midst of the planned devastation of the richest part of the city. She has them buddy up for safety and this leads to the awesome synergistic effect of reliance on the powers of the newly found companions in the coming conflict. 

Some bond through success, some through pain. But all through sisterhood. Super sisterhood.

And they meet some help from resident superheroes such as Wilson who inhabits 9th street and keeps evil at bay from the children. “Witch, you know you can’t cross Ninth Street…ever.” And the Pain Angel with healing sympathies for their struggles…” Trust me Child, I’ve seen worse.”




Some things in the world should never be touched; hornet’s nests, old dynamite, and the daughter of a man that adores her. But someone didn’t get the message and April Marie Hatcher is dead. 
And her father is John Wesley Hatcher, a man that had been very good at killing.
He was called the “Barber”, a name still said in whispers by those that knew him.
John Hatcher brings his well-practiced experience to this game of killing. Before it was the “work”, now it is in the name of vengeance. 
Old Testament revenge…the Revenger of Blood.
He puts a plan together and goes to the arraignment hearing with every intention of making Ronney Sinclair a very dead man. But something in the evidence, that only he sees, makes him change his mind. 
Not about killing Sinclair, but the how and where.
John wants to send a lasting message that it is a bad idea to kill the child of a man that had been so good at killing. 
He needs someone to tell the story.

Emily Carron is, or was, the best crime writer in America. She is now suffering through the writer’s worst nightmare. 
Murder has become mundane. 
She is in trouble with her publisher, her peers and the public. She needs that one story to put her back on top. This comes when John Hatcher seeks her out to write his story. And he does it in very creative ways. 
Across a table in Starbucks, the idea seems simple enough.
She sees a chance to orchestrate a best seller. 
John sees a chance to let every child killer feel the same terror as their victims. 
But each step in the plan has twists, turns and complications that threaten to spoil the conspiracy and get them both killed. Through the experience, they start to change each other. 
John learns the importance of living. 
Emily learns the importance of killing.
With their own personal objectives, they continue to work the plan believing that murder isn’t wrong…it is just against the law.

A fast paced, suspenseful read that takes the reader into the minds of serial killers and those that write about them. And the motivation can be the same for both of them...they want to be famous. 
Whose hands bear the most blood? 
Graphic details abound in context, but it is a story of murder and revenge. 
And a dog dies. 
So prepare yourself to read it with the lights on.

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