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DW Hill decided to stop dreaming and start writing. He is an avid steampunk cosplayer and has been featured in GeeksareSexy, but admits it was probably the Aether Powered Tesla Lightning Rifle that got him pictured. He is a St. Louis born East Coast transplant and the author of the ATOMICAS Series. A fresh real world take on superhero adventures. He has written numerous short stories, ‘They Sat in Darkness’ and ‘Power in the Presidency’ are fan favorites.

DEADLINE FOR VENGEANCE’ was his first novel. 

A dog lover and whisperer, he has Great Danes: Murphy, Steve, and Maybelline.

He draws on an incredible life of worldwide travels in the Navy for his characters and environment. He loves the honest responses he gets when he asks people what superpower they would want most. He has challenged himself to develop a new superhero/supervillain every day. The Author feels that this is what gives real depth to the characters in the ATOMICAS Series. 

Tell the truth, you just thought of a superpower you would love to have right now. Get ready for the next amazing book in the ATOMICAS Series.

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