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The super hero group is incorporated by New York City and as such are subject to the incomprehensible and mind-boggling array of Fair Employment laws. The group has been issued a Cease and Desist Order based on the unequal gender ratio, abuse of the elderly workforce, and failing to pay overtime. This would be because Triton’s Daughter is the only woman, she is over 100 years old and is regularly placed in life-threatening jobs, and gets no compensation.

To remedy this and to get back in the business of guarding the most populated city in America, the Mighty Manhattans put out a nationwide call for young superhuman girls to join the ranks. One rejection after another...after another. The applicant's powers are just not M/M worthy.

This comes at a time when the biggest and maddest plan to take over the world is being set in motion by Dr. Fahrenheit with an assemblage of the most dangerous super criminals to ever converge on the Diamond District. Step one to the plan is to take out the Mighty Manhattans. Of course the plan is diabolical. And Dr. Fahrenheit doesn’t even know they are barred from exercising any extra-human abilities or utilizing any super sanctioned armor, machines, or devices. It was like throwing kittens in a burlap bag. Except for one. Triton’s Daughter.

The dozen or so hopeful applicants band together for a tour of the Diamond District, Hell’s Kitchen and the sights and shops on the Hudson River docks. A female Mexican wrestler known professionally as La Porcelana leads the girls right into the midst of the planned devastation of the richest part of the city. She has them buddy up for safety and this leads to the awesome synergistic effect of reliance on the powers of the newly found companions in the coming conflict. 

Some bond through success, some through pain. But all through sisterhood. Super sisterhood.

A bit off the wall but great supervillains and superheroines. Fast paced and a real fun read. Looking forward to a sequel.

Arpijay - UK


 I can honestly say I don't think I have come across anything else with a storyline anything like your


book.  I am truly enjoying reading it. 


S.C. - Canada

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